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本研究所现有教授、博士生导师1人, 副教授5人、高级工程师1人,获得新世纪优秀人才支持计划支持1人,青年教师10名,与美国德州仪器公司DSP联合实验室合作建设嵌入式系统与信号处理实验室,与Altera公司建立EDA/SOPC联合实验室。先后获得国家自然科学基金、兰州大学985特色项目、甘肃省自然科学基金、甘肃省中青年基金、校企合作项目等项目资助,获得甘肃省自然科学奖、甘肃省高校科技进步奖2项,申请国家专利10多项。出版专著与教材10余部,发表学术论文近300余篇,120余篇被SCIEI索引,其中,SCI一区、二区论文50多篇。








电路与系统研究所所长,王兆滨 副教授




Institute of Circuits and Systems


Institute of Circuits and Systems focusing on frontiers and trends in the field of related researches. After decades of accumulation and precipitation, the research field mainly covers modern circuit theory and its application technology, development and application of embedded system, biomedical image processing and analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence, remote sensing information processing and analysis.

Institute of Circuits and Systems has one professor and doctoral supervisor, five associate professors, one senior engineer, one person who was supported by the New Century Excellent Talent Support Program, and ten young teachers. There are Digital Signal Processing Scheme Laboratory with Texas Instruments, and Joint EDA/SOPC Laboratory with Altera. Institute of Circuits and Systems has received funding from the National Natural Science Foundation, 985 Special Project of Lanzhou University, Gansu Natural Science Foundation, Gansu Provincial Youth Fund, and the School-enterprise Cooperation Project, has won two Gansu Natural Science Award and two Gansu Provincial University Science and Technology Progress Award, and has applied for more than 10 national patents. Institute has published more than 10 monographs, textbooks, and more than 300 academic papers. More than 120 papers have been indexed by SCI and EI.

Institute of Circuits and Systems pays close attention to the combination of education and scientific research. It has won First Prize for Teaching Achievements in Gansu Province, Gansu Provincial Teacher Award, and Gansu Provincial Youth Teacher Achievement Award. Students are encouraged to participate in various competitions for innovative practices e.g. National College Student Electronic Design Competition. Many awards were captured by them.

Main Research Areas:

1. Modern circuit theory and its application technology

2. Embedded system Development and application of embedded system

3. Biomedical image processing and analysis

4. Machine learning and artificial intelligence

5. Remote sensing information processing and analysis



Institute of Circuits and Systems, Director, Associate Prof. Wang Zhaobin


Please visit the website of the Institute (http://cas.lzu.edu.cn/) for more information.


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